All events below are taking place from 6:00 to 10:00pm, unless indicated otherwise.

Fashion Meets Architecture By MIRAHAYEK x Karim Nader Studio

Linking their two worlds, Mira Hayek and Karim Nader exhibit selected garments on the same stage with ongoing architectural projects. From their location in the same 1960's building, the two designers invite you to move from atelier to studio in a one-night event where fashion meets architecture. Location: Al Arz Street, Nassar Building

Protecting Roots / Growing Culture By Annabel Karim Kassar & Associès

Restoration of old Lebanese architecture highlights the importance of contemplating a community's design past before attempting to construct its future. The traditional house will show philosophical & practical elements of this process attempting to reverse the self-effacing wave of modernization.A panel talk will be held at 6 PM. Location: Gouraud Street.

New Collection Launch By Nada Zeineh

Nada Zeineh's new collection will be launched. Join us for a festive atmosphere on the Showroom's rooftop terrace. Location: Sursock Street, Cassir Building

Objects of Change by L'Artisan du Liban

On this occasion, ADL will exhibit a design installation in collaboration with Lebanese artisans, featuring designer Ghassan Salameh and glass artisan Atelier Céline Hage. The installation focuses on an evolution of traditional craft techniques applied on various materials, reconfiguring and extending the usage of basic geometric elements found in various oriental aesthetics, into a connective symbiotic system. Through this experimentation, ADL invites Lebanese artisans into an encounter with a young designer and a new generation artisan. The installation co-occurs with an exhibition curated by Adham Selim. Location: L'Artisan du Liban, Gemmeyze

EcoSouk Pop Up Shop & Redesign with Industry By Recycle Lebanon

Rethink consumption to production through the Ecosouk pop up showcasing a range of local sustainable producers alongside a series of talks, workshops and film screenings about the necessity and capacity for redesign in Lebanon. Location: Boutros Dagher Street, Chichmanian Building

NOBRAND 11 Years Retrospective By Nobrand

The blue house secret garden will be transformed into a gallery featuring a retrospective of Nobrand digital and print work from the last 11 years. The event will be paired with blue house ice tea. Location: Blue house, alley # 507, garden entrance 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Make It Yours By Ginette Gallery

This event will host Ginette's friends in the social and design sector around drinks and furniture. It will be a melting pot event that fuses new faces with Ginette's loyal customers and friends. Location: Ginette, Gouraud Street.

It's All Relative; Customization & Modularity By Joy Mardini Design Gallery

The exhibition highlights one of the central pillars of the discipline of product design, specifically the relevance of customizability and modularity. The show also brings to the foreground how designers can frame their practice and address the demands for customizability in the design market. Location: Gouraud Street, Najem bldg

Render Design Residency, By Beirut Art Residency (BAR) & Joy Mardini Design Gallery

The residency strives to foster collaboration and experimentation between two invited international product designers and two Beirut-based designers. Responding to the specificities of the local design and craft scene, the outcome of the initiative will be revealed during Beirut Design Week. Location: BAR, Pasteur Street

Dehab Jewelry Gallery

Dehab Jewelry Gallery will host the works of Maja Soric, a famous Croatian painter and jewelry designer. She has already exhibited her jewelry in Beirut, Cairo, Bahrain and Paris. Location: Pasteur Street, Antonios bldg

If Sexuality is a need, then art is a need By Wael Farran

Catch the unveiling of a new conceptual piece in what has become a yearly tradition at the WAEL FARRAN STUDIO. Join our open house for some engaging chit chats and artistic meets ... and of course the big reveal. Location: Pasteur Str, Feraoun bldg #413

100 years of Finnish Design curated by Klaus Aalto & Tero Kuitunen at Sel & Poivre

Pop-Up sized Finnish design miniexpo built under four themes -Natural, Traditional, Playful and Minimal. The exhibition is curated from a longer timeline from the past to present. Klaus & Tero will be presenting design and fashion from Finnish designers and companies such as iittala, Marimekko, artek, Lapuan Kankurit, Minna Parikka, Natalie Lahdenmäki etc. Special Surprise Guest: Gabriele Chiave.  Location: Sel & Poivre, Sofil Center

I'm A Legend By Nalbandian Carpets

Hand woven contemporary carpets with a different perspective. Location: Nalbandian Carpets, Sofil Center

 A Cliche Day

 Experience the latest additions of vintage and Cliche lab's own industrial furniture pieces along with a special limited collection. Atmospheric music and healthy snacks will  accompany you, be happy.Location: Rue Gouraud,Gemmayze

When Fashion & Design Meet By HM Management and ROHD Design 

This year we are excited to contribute to the theme that comes in the form of a question, “is design a need?” We are excited to work with unique artists and designers that will each address this question from their particular perspective. ROHD will add their touch of design expertise, the furniture executed by the finest HM Management and a live making of furniture will all be at the Dress Concept, along with other talents that have the power to influence mindsets and behaviors of the general audience. Location: The Dress Concept boutique, Gemmayze

Young Persian Artists & Their Carpets By Hadi Matabi

An open house reception showcasing the woven artworks of prominent young Persian designers and their links to contemporary Iran and its place on the world. Location Sursock Tower. Time: 5:00-8:00 PM

Gemmayze Day party By Andco x StereoKitchenX BDW

"To all the dance lovers, and early risers. To those who fancy refreshing cocktails, tasty nibbles and groovy tunes. This is your calling. Stereokitchen is teaming up with Beirut Design Week for a long evening with a live performance by Alko followed by a DJ line up courtesy of Rami O, Jack the fish and Ronin. This is the fifth edition of The Weekday Shuffle and a Beirut Design Week special, so bring your friends & neighbors, its free entrance!"Location: Gemmayze. Time: Starting 7:30 PM

Make Do:Exploring Street Design: “Trolleys” By Rana Salam Studio

“Today it has become necessary to demolish the myth of the ‘star’ artist who only produces masterpieces for a small group of ultra-intelligent people. It must be understood that as long as art stands aside from the problems of life it will only interest a very few people. 

The designer’s role of today re-establishes the long-lost contact between art and the public, between living people and art as a living thing. … There should be no such thing as art divorced from life, with beautiful things to look at and hideous things to use. If what we use every day is made with art, and not thrown together by chance or caprice, then we shall have nothing to hide” - Bruno Munari

The studio’s philosophy on embracing the everyday ‘designer’ be it the ordinary man on the street who needs to create a solution out of a need or provide a service for a need. These ordinary people, with no design education, show how a design is born from a need with the most modest solutions.