Charlie’s mission by Nayef Francis Design Studio
Open Studio

For the Beirut Design Week 2018, NFDS will be hosting a one of a kind event that will bring together different people from various backgrounds who all share the same passion: using art to induce change. We have gathered around the best artists recognized for their unique sense of style and we have reached out to several NGO’s in order to make of this event one great mission.
Since the theme revolves around the urban matters of the city, each artist will have a day to design, paint and even tag our famous Charlie chair in front of the attendees. Their ideas will be the result of weeks of thinking, sketching and brainstorming that combines each artist’s style, NFDS’s identity and a reflection of the theme of CITY and URBANISM.
On the last day, the chairs will be presented in front of our guests and will be put up for auction. The proceeds will fund each Ngo’s mission and support each and every artist that participated in the event 
●22 JUNE: Ivan Debs is going to design on the Charlie Chair for Kunhadi 
●23 JUNE: Ivan Debs
●24 JUNE:  OFF 
●25 JUNE:  Spaz for Tamanna at 3pm 
●26 JUNE: EpS for Kunhadi at 4-5 pm 
●27 JUNE: Jad El-Khoury ( Potato nose) for Kunhadi from 12pm to 4pm then from 7pm to 9pm
●28 JUNE: START OF BIDDING FROM 5 TO 9 PM for the 7 artists: Randa Ali Ahmad, Katya Traboulsi, Ashekman, Spaz, EpS, Jad El Khoury and Ivan Debs
●29 JUNE FINAL BIDDING AT NAYEF FRANCIS DESIGN STUDIO FROM 5 TO 9 PM for the 7 artists: Randa Ali Ahmad, Katya Traboulsi, Ashekman, Spaz, EpS, Jad El Khoury and Ivan Debsa

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A New City! By DAY.DREAM
Open Studio

DAYDREAM will hold a reception on its rooftop which oversees the Beirut cityscape and coast including Burj Hammoud’s dump, the port, the Fuel Silos etc. We will raise a transparent film over the borders and invite illustrators to turn on their imagination and draw Beirut as seen by a daydreamer.

Karantina Play Garden: Platform for Reconciliation
Guided Tour

Karantina originally the place of enforced isolation‹ became a refuge for the minorities and the displaced, and until today is rich with communities from diverse ethnic backgrounds.  It has also been witnessing a rise in art galleries, major developments, as well as a nightlife scene all of which are subsequently impacting its socio-economic status. The public garden was a previously abandoned space at the heart of Karantina with lush clumps of tall trees forming a charming oasis.
Join us for the guided tour where we will walk you through Karantina¹s
history and complexity, the collaborative design process, our dialogues
with the community and the kids of Karantina; to learn about their dynamic play rituals and dynamics and how they were the main drive to
transform the space to become a platform for harmonious reconciliation
between past and present, enabling grounds of encounter between different communities, cultures, and generations.

Makers’ Market and Jdeed Magazine Pop up store by The Colony Beirut

Exhibition for young Lebanese artists who will have the opportunity to be exposed and sell in our gallery. We also have two rooms of 60m2 each for other events for Beirut design week; talk, video projection, exhibition…

The new that is being witnessed, more and more every day. Fashion designers, photographers, painters, street artists: our aim at JDEED Magazine is to gather the new talents of today and tomorrow. We aspire to unveil a side of the Arab world. The pop-up store aims to be the showcase of its artists.

RIDE IN THE CITY By atelierG by grace rihan
Open Studio

Launching of the capsule collection. "Ride in the city" is a collection of some essential items of timeless clothing that do not go out of fashion, which can then be enhanced with seasonal pieces. Rethink fashion, keep it simple, elegant and feminine, following the zero waste strategy.

Sketchbooks about Lebanon By Judy’s Sketchbook
at The Colony Beirut

Judy's Sketchbook has been sketching Lebanon since 2013, this exhibition shows her drawings and explorations of the built environment, as well as the life happening inside the streets of Lebanon.