Frequently Asked Questions
What is Beirut Design Week? 
Beirut Design Week is held annually in more than 150 venues across Beirut City, featuring exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and open studios showcasing the work of local and international designers and academics of all design disciplines. The event focuses on creative economies, intercultural exchange, design education, social impact, and design entrepreneurship. 

Where and When does Beirut Design Week take place? 
Beirut Design Week is held annually in May or June. The dates for this year are 22 to 29 June. The events are spread around Beirut. 

What is Beirut Design Week’s target group and how many visitors does the festival reach annually? 
Beirut Design Week’s target group are buyers, refined consumers with a taste for Designer products, design professionals, and the creative youth. Their ages range between 21 and 75. The festival reaches about 25,000 visitors annually. 

Who organizes Beirut Design Week? 
Beirut Design Week is organized by MENA Design Research Center, a non-profit organization that focuses on developing design education and the design economy in Lebanon. It was founded in 2010 and is based in Beirut. www.menadrc.org 

What does the program consist of? 
During the week there are hundreds of events taking place around the city. The events are either hosted by Beirut Design Week or by the participants. These events could be exhibitions, open studios, workshops, talks, conferences, installations, film screenings, tours or urban interventions.

How can I take part in Beirut Design Week?
Beirut Design Week 2018 is open to all designers, studios, companies, and institutions who would like to organize an event to the public and showcase their brands and projects. 

Why should I apply to participate in BDW? 
Being a participant of Beirut Design Week puts you at the forefront of the Lebanese contemporary design scene, and at the heart of the largest design platform in the country. It provides exposure on a local, regional and international scale through the help of a vast array of media partners and social media. It is also a catalyst for a variety of new partnerships and collaborations within the network of participants and partners.

Is there a fee to be part of BDW? 
The basic participation fee is $500. There are also communication and participation packages, in addition to extra services.

How does Beirut Design Week communicate all of its events to the audience? 
Beirut Design Week publishes all of the selected events in the official program that goes on the printed catalogue and online on the website, social media platforms, and mobile / tablet app. In addition to the 5000+ catalogues, BDW also prints posters, flyers, and special invitations to its database of more than 10,000 persons and companies. Moreover, many of the events of participants are covered by our media partners on printed and online media portals. 

Can Beirut Design Week provide a venue for participants? 
For those who do not have a set location for an event, Beirut Design Week can offer support in finding a suitable venue. This service may require additional fees. For requests, send us an email at participant@beirutdesignweek.org

Is there an admission fee for the public to visit BDW events?
Usually, most events are free of charge, except for workshops, and some specific events that require tickets.

Can a participant’s event have its own sponsors or partners?

Is it possible to place logos of event’s sponsors or partners on the BDW program?
Unfortunately not. However, participants may mention them in the description text, or put their logos on advertising spots. 

For more questions, please send us an email at participant@beirutdesignweek.org