Terms & Conditions
• By supplying us with your email address, you will be directly added to the mailing list of our newsletter, which updates you with the latest news at very rare occasions (we don't spam!). You are free to unsubscribe at any stage with the click of a button. 

• In order to become a Beirut Design Week participant, all applicants must submit a fully filled out application form with all required information. 
• By selecting one of the desired packages, during the application process, participants are required to understand and accept all terms of the proposed services. 
• All applicants will receive an email notification regarding their participation status. 
• BDW reserves the right to accept or refuse any application for participation in the event. 
• All participants are required to adhere to the day and corresponding location as mentioned on the BDW official program. 

• All participants must abide by BDW deadlines: Application submission, files submission, and payments. The program will be published in May. Please note that all files must be submitted by April 5 to be included in the printed program. 
• In case of late submissions, the BDW team is not responsible for sending your Design Directory layout for review. 
• BDW reserves the right to edit the 500-characters description text sent by applicants. 
• BDW reserves the right not to use all the photos sent by applicants. 

• Participants are responsible for the accuracy of all documentation sent; BDW will not be liable for any errors in any material received from the participant. 

• Upon approval of a participant’s application by email, payment must be completed within 25 days. 
• All payments made after April 5, may be subject to an extra fee. 

• All cancellations by participants must be sent by email. 
• If cancellation occurs before  April 5, 2018 – the payment is 100% refundable. 
• If cancellation occurs before April 30, 2018  – the payment is 50% refundable. 
• If cancellation occurs after April 30, 2018 – payments are nonrefundable. 
• If cancellation occurs after files have gone to print, participant’s event and profile will remain on the catalogues. 
• If the participant has not paid in full before a cancellation, the participant will still remain liable to pay the charge.