Art-Scene Gallery & Vintage by Iman
Facing Milord, Abdul hadi St 63, Mar Nicolas, Achrafieh, Lebanon  +961 3 194 219  
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Established in Beirut in 2016 by Artist and Interior Architect Rania Hammoud Atoui. Art-Scene Gallery is a gallery and studio that promote printmaking, exhibit and sell paintings, sculptures and furniture for Middle Eastern contemporary Artists. Art-Scene Gallery is hosting Vintage by Iman for BDW 2017. Vintage by Iman, is an original vintage pieces picked from antique shops and flea markets from around the world as well as treasure hunts from old houses. Vintage by Iman pieces are restored and transformed into art pieces which interpret the vintage into contemporary art to create a nostalgia in any corner of a house that appreciate style. Each collection speaks to the inner Iman’s soul and inspiration. Upon seeing every individual piece a new inspiration will develop into transforming the original piece to a modern work of art which gives the pieces a final retro look.