Jawaberlin, Studio 7

 Berlin, Dunckerstraße 19, 1.QGB

Phone: +491792448670 / +96897305422

Website: www.urbancatalyst-studio.de / www.jawaberlin.de / www.studio7eveninteriordesign.com

Facebook: urbancatalyststudio

Instagram: urbancatalyst / studio.7

Email: ja.wa@berlin.de / lynn.studio7@gmail.com

Janin Walter is an artist and urban designer who is based in Berlin. Since 2007 she is working for Urban Catalyst. Urban Catalyst is specialized in participation processes, urban research and integrated urban development concepts. Lynn Kain is an Interior Architect established Studio 7 in 2011 in Muscat Oman. Studio 7 is an Award wining design office for best interior design project in Oman. Worked on lots of interior design projects and Art installations in Muscat, Dubai and Toronto.