Local Industries
79 Caritas Street Bethlehem Pobox 356

Phone: +972 505200399
Website: www.aauanastas.com / www.localindustries.org
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Email: elias@aauanastas.com / eliasanastas@gmail.com /yousef.anastas@gmail.com

Thinking of a project as a process is a common thread running through our work. Beginning a project at the opposite end of the planning spectrum, from the bottom up, helps us merge into the deep understanding of local know-hows, and capacities of widening or subverting the initial end result for new uses. We believe this approach is a way of minimizing energy consumption between design and realization. Working directly with factories and artisans enables us to optimize the energy consumption according to the ambitions of a project and the resources available at a given time. We believe that sustainability is no excuse for sacrifices. Instead, research is a synonym of ambition for a more sustainable, more comfortable, and more interactive design.