Fokionos Negri 42,Athens 113 61, Greece

Phone: +30 694 5317317 / +30 699 5624597
Website: www.looporg.eu

loop is a European non-profit organization (based in Athens) that focuses on a design-led methodology and process in order to tackle social and environmental issues through arts and culture. a loop refers to the lifecycle of every project that starts at critically examining a certain challenge. During the process of research, ideation and experimentation, we develop strategies through organized collaborations with like-minded specialists in design, arts, activism, tech, and media.
We consider all our projects as prototypes that must be constantly tested and re-examined, thus forming an iterative cycle, also known as a loop. The prototypes and projects we develop are in the form of interactive cultural experiences. These may be workshops, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, public interventions, conferences, live performances, film screenings and festivals.