Cynthia Raffoul Jewelry
Chaoul building, End of Gouraud street, before EDL, Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 443491
Facebook / Instagram: CynthiaRaffoulJewelry

Cynthia’s designs are high-end contemporary fine jewelry for today’s women. Daring to reimagine jewelry making through her won unique and fresh approach, she finds her inspiration in all that is beautiful and vibrant. Raffoul’s dazzling new designs and innovative techniques are what make her elegant creations stand out.
“In the creation of my pieces, I collaborate only with the best of Lebanon’s goldsmiths and artisans, each of whom has dedicated their lives, often throughout generations of their family, to the finest of work.”
Key among her collections is Sur-mesure; Raffoul’s unique bespoke service through which pieces are specially designed for private clients - each destined to become an original heirloom. Cynthia’s collections reflect multifaceted women who live their lives with an unexpected twist of originality and poetry.