Fondation LOYAC
Toufic Tabbara Center, Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961 81 865 176
Facebook / Instagram: loyac.lebanon

“LOYAC is non governmental organization working towards the empowerment of youth in Lebanon by building their skills and preparing them for the job market. Established in Lebanon in 2009, LOYAC has grown exponentially with the Personal and Professional Development program that provides youth with capacity building opportunities through workshops and volunteering opportunities to enhance their sense of belonging to the community and Internship/ job opportunities for prosperous careers.
Mob-Art is a project providing children of Beqaa, Lebanese and Syrian with tools of resilience to overcome their traumas through arts. The project also provides the children with after school tutoring classes, Psychosocial support sessions and many other activities that include: sports practice, handicraft workshops, & much more.”