Randa Tabbah
Beirut, Moukhallassiyeh, Building 741

Phone: +961 1 975 030
website: www.randatabbah.com
Facebook / Instagram: randatabbahjewellerydesign
Email: info@randatabbah.com

During BDW, RANDA TABBAH will be hosting OLIVER DEGEM. Born and raised in Beirut, Oliver has been working as a buyer and design consultant for the past 11 years, specialized in Nordic design and luxury brands. He will be revealing his first jewelry collection “PLANÈTE”.
The host RANDA TABBAH comes from a long tradition of jewelers and established her own line in 1993 after studying at HBJO, Paris. She developed a unique style, nourished by her passion for semi-precious stones, organic shapes, and rough textures.