Fine Austrian Designers
Triton productions @ Jimex / Barcelona – Beirut – Roma – Vienna / Snobra, Beeka st. Bldg. Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +436503445745
Email: baria.mourad@yahoo.com

The exhibition "Fine Austrian Designers at Beirut Design Week 2018" is organized by Triton Productions International and curated by Bariaa Mourad. The exhibition shows some of the finest and most renowned contemporary Austrian designers based mainly in Vienna with close ties to reputed international interior-design and furniture brands. Design projects: “Social design” by DOTTINGS-GOODGOODs / “inWASTEment” by mischer’traxler studio / “Iris” by najjar & najjar architects / “WaldInhalierbar” by pavillon_35 / “Raw” by Soda Designers – Nasrallah & Horner / “mitiMistici” jewelry by Daniel Spoerri.