All events below are taking place from 6:00 to 10:00pm, unless indicated otherwise.


Lebanese Furniture: Challenging History  By Expertise France

Design and the traditional furniture sector in Lebanon: history of a challenge for integrating cultural heritage, innovation and economic performance
The participation in the Beirut Design Week is part of the three-year Private Sector Development Programme (PSD) in Lebanon funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France. After a brief introduction on the PSD Programme with focus on the component dedicated to the wood processing sector in Tripoli, the talk will reveal the results of the programme's market study conducted on the furniture sector in Lebanon with specific highlights on the evolution of the national demand regarding furniture styles, the vision of the designers and architects on the traditional Lebanese furniture, the main challenges to reconnect designers and traditional furniture producers and finally the actions to develop within the PSD programme to face these challenges. The talk will be animated by representatives from the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, Expertise France and Markits'. 
Location: Foch Square, Downtown.

Object Permanence-Objeu Collection By Milia M & Leila Pazooki at Foch Square

An Installation exploring the idea of “is design a need?” in the specific context of motherhood and peekaboo, showcasing a collection of clothing for kids, and objects taken from the collective memory of childhood. Leila Pazooki is an Iranian artist whose work is primarily an inquiry into the concept of borders, and the manner in which information, language, and cultural associations change as they cross physical and imaged boundaries. Pazooki’s multi-layered works serve to dissolve the distinction between what is tolerable and what is taboo. More recently, Pazooki’s exploration of borders has brought her to consider media and the perceptions, paradigms, cognitive processes, and associated relationships that it stimulates and maintains. Deeply cosmopolitan, her works can be read as visual material aiding in the fight against the hegemony of borders that stratify the world by way of political and canonical prejudices. Location: Foch Square, Downtown.

Collective Exhibition of Designers at Foch Square

Foch Square, a new exhibition space in Downtown Beirut presents 7 local design studios showcasing their latest collections. Design studios include Saccal Design House, Paola Sakr, Omar Safa, Rascha Daher, Fares Haber, Aleph Studio and Studio A. Location: Foch Square, Downtown.

The Spoon Theory By The Silly Spoon

We’re asking our collaborators to each design & create their own interpretation of a spoon, using the materials or elements they master, to highlight its versatility & its indispensable nature. Just a few types of spoons. Location: DownTown, Weygand Street Facing Balthazar

Geometric Collection Launch By LaLaQueen

The objective of the event is to launch our new collection- the Geometric Collection post the release of our campaign which will take place in April. In terms of entertainment we will include music, drinks & bites. Location: LaLaQueen, Downtown, Saad Zaghloul Street, Mafraa Section 8

Wood and Nature By LakayCreation

Nada G Fine Jewelry, Maison Tarazi and Oumnia by Nivine Maktabi will be exhibiting at LakayCreation showroom. Location: Tabco building, Starco, Bab Idriss

The Living Apartment: CONVIVIUM home By theotherdada  
Our bio-mimicry thinking approach incorporates biophilic design with natural patterns, integrates edible and pollinator-friendly landscapes, with sustainable architecture strategies, and uses local non-toxic recycled materials. The home performs like a healthy ecosystem with set ecological standards. Location: Patriarch Howayeck StSabbagh Bldg.

On Interaction Design By The Slowear Store
Interaction Design, connecting the physical and digital worlds. A Talk by Mr Michele Aquila. Slowear Beirut is happy to welcome Mr Michele Aquila, Program Leader of the Master             in Interaction Design at the Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. Mr Aquila will be giving a talk on Interaction Design in store. Innovations introduced by the information revolution have   brought about a radical change in contemporary society, generating - often - unpredictable future scenarios. Thanks to a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, design has the     tough task to decipher the contemporary world and to come out with solutions for our evolving and ever-changing needs and desires. Location: Beirut  Souks. Time: 6:30 PM


Launching of BeoSound Shape at the Bang & Olufsen Beirut store

BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design conscious music lovers – delivering immersive sound staging, a customizable design and integrated noise dampers for improved room acoustics. Visit Bang & Olufsen Beirut in Saifi from 6:00pm to 10:00pm to discover how BeoSound Shape pushes the limits between sound & interior design.

Homesick by Bokja
Outside of defining the concept of home as a space, home is a sentiment one forms after repeated engagement with object, place, or situation. In observing the increasing geographic mobility of people how does one reconfigure the idea of a home? Is the home a need? Location: Bokja, Saifi Village, Mukhallassiya Street, Blg 332.

Programmed Beauty: When Tech meets Art By Geek Express

The event combines Art and Technology. Artists from different disciplines created tech-infused art pieces for the exhibition to show the synergy between two worlds often conceived as contradictory, and introduce art from a perspective that will revolutionize the way we dress, view, and behave. Location: Geek Express, Saifi Village, Mkhallassieh Street, 1064E Bldg.

Launching of BeoSound Shape at the Bang & Olufsen Beirut store

BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design conscious music lovers – delivering immersive sound staging, a customizable design and integrated noise dampers for improved room acoustics.

Visit Bang & Olufsen Beirut in Saifi from 6:00pm to 10:00pm to discover how BeoSound Shape pushes the limits between sound & interior design.

The House of Sahag Khajadourian By Sahag Khajadourian

Join us to view, try and enjoy the latest collection of Sahag Khajadourian. A fun and playful event coupled with the love of jewelry. Location: Sahag Khajadourian, Saifi Village, 164 Debbas street, Debbas building

The Art of Shaping the Metal of the Moon by Italian Architects

A collection of silver jewels, tiny works of art bearing the imprint of Italian architects turned jewelry designers, who launched an innovative trend by experimenting with unusual materials: silver, plated metals, onyx, amethyst, tourmaline, jasper. Whilst modest in appearance, they all have an elegant “low-profile” quality to them, always attracting our attention. Works by Argenteria San Lorenzo, Albini/Helg, Afra and Tobia Scarpa, Lella and Massimo Vignelli, Maria Luisa di Belgioioso and Antonio Piva. We are presenting to the Lebanese public the first collection of silver jewels embodying a new bold language at the intersection between art and design. Location: Galerie Connaissance des Arts, Saifi Village, Quartier Des Arts, Block E

Mix and Match by Nada Debs

Mix and match is a collaboration born out of the interaction between two Lebanese designers recognized in different disciplines but sharing a common love for the region’s ancestral design and craft. In this edition, Tarek Moukkadem brings with him his exuberance and his playful artistic expressions with Nada Debs’ constant pursuit for re-invention of established traditional designs. From this collaboration is born a  modular, high in color re-interpretation of the all-so-famous Levantine Tarabeza.

Location: Saifi Village, Beirut

Starch 2017

For the 2017 generation of Starch foundation, BURAU architects present Unbounded, an installation that acts as a response to increasing urban manifestations of control and obstructing security measures. Creative space Beirut graduate Roni Helou launched Element X, a collection that follows the journey of feminism and marṣabēn unveiled softsolids01, a series of wearable crochet objects. Finally, Sahar Khraibani released a series of limited edition silkscreen prints entitled “Silence was Heavy, so Time had to be Weightless”. Location: Starch boutique, Saifi Village.