NOSTAL-JOE by Joe Fish
Beirut, Gouraud Street, Tohme 

We might seem like small fish in a sea of giants, but it means that we think fast and thrive on being social. We’re here to create a stream of great ideas and even greater experiences. Navigating creative waters comes naturally to us. Our work - from planning, conceptualizing, design and execution - covers a wide range of industries. Our mindset brings forth and understanding to every concept and execution. We love working with clients looking to wow the world and change expectations.

Let's fly back into yesterday, one decade at a time!
This year, Joe Fish will be going all vintage in part of Design & Nostalgia. From old school fashion, timeless disco nights, all the way to the golden age of advertising.  A one of a kind vintage exhibition, featuring renowned lebanese collectors.
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03/07/2019 18:00:00
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03/07/2019 20:00:00