MEMORY IN FOLDED PAPER by Nabil Gholam Architects + Built by Associative Data

Jisr el-Wati, Street 90, bldg 110, 2nd  floor, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 423 513

nga is committed to the design of humane architecture aligned with society’s needs, programmatic requirements and a deep respect for the natural environment. Over 25 years the practice led by architect Nabil Gholam has built a wide range of projects.
BAD is an Architecture and Design practice with offices in Spain, Lebanon, Ireland and China founded by Ali Basbous. Through BAD, Ali pursues associative design strategies in order to  find intelligent solutions for constantly shifting paradigms.


In a country with a well-developed ability to ‘fold away’ things it would rather forget, our proposal is to unfold some of our city’s recent urban memory via a playful and tactile invitation to remember, think and act.
Memory in folded paper 1900-2020 is an attempt to capture quick snapshots of Beirut’s transformation over the last century through a series of synoptic folding paper cut-outs. The memory of the past and a glimpse of the future are thus revealed through the fragility of what is there, what isn’t, and what only just remains. The rapid evolution and evanescent nature of the space we live in is mapped out and expressed via the simple juxtaposition of our most characteristic urban landscapes in a linear timeline. In our fast-moving digital world, these cut-tout abstractions are a candid reflection on the essential paradox of memory versus the future through a medium most usually associated with children. A human-size model of one of the cut-outs pushes the idea further, and hints at the unfolding of a more hybrid digital future.

From date
03/07/2019 19:00:00
To date
02/07/2019 22:00:00