Beirut Makers invite users to actively participate to the creation. In the design process, we took you into account, and want to share with you the assembly and composition of our designs.

Modular: we design the system, and you play with it, organize it to fit your life.

A fair trade: in this economic crisis it is a fair exchange to give everyone the occasion to participate and understand better the design, and displace some of the manufacturing process to your home in exchange of a more affordable design.

Honest joinery is good design: a virtuous constrain of user-assembled design is that hidden, obscure assemblies, with glues and others are forbidden. Only good materials and honest design, with proper connections and joinery can be offered in broad daylight to be assembled, disassembled many times.

Beirut Makers is an open collective of makers joining forces to explore digital fabrication. Participants: Kamal Aoun, Hadil Ankouny, Assad Awad, Stéphanie Bachir, Marine Bustros, Guillaume Crédoz, Mariane Ghrayche, Charbel Jreijiri & Michel Moukarz.